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Never understood why you’d drink to forget people. Drinking just makes me remember you more; every night I stumbled into your room, you always left a light on for me so I knew I could always come back to my haven. Waking up to your breath on the back of my neck, I should’ve known to never get used to the safety of that bed, and I regret desperately trying to remember your scent so you couldn’t leave me all at once when we said goodbye. And now we’re growing bitter, because we hate each other for leaving, or staying, and as much as we keep telling ourselves that it’s no ones fault we have to blame something more than that damn plane that took me away from you.

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∞☯ we are eternal☯∞
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Autumn Sunrise VII by Donald Macleod
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Sometimes I forget you’re still on this earth thousand of miles away, and the realization puts me back where I was 6 months ago when I knew I couldn’t untangle you out of my head. I don’t wallow like I probably should, but time and time again it hits me. Because every time I see printed buttoned downs or someone holding a stupid jo malone bag the scent of your hair early that morning seems to wave past me, almost too quickly like you were in and out of my life faster than it took me to really know you were in there at all for any reason. And yet you’re still here, because I hear your voice before the dial tone and there is as much of me knotted in your skin as you are in my head and id like to think that it may always be this way but I can’t even see an hour past me right now because I don’t know where you are. Where your head is. And if I try to help you put the puzzle back together there may not be a place for me because the pieces that were always there and always yours must come first. And if I didn’t know any better I would beg god for things to change, take all the money I have to fly back to new york to fix this before it really breaks but I’ve always known that being “strong” means moving forward not backward and right now all I can think is whether I will thank or hate myself 10 months from now because of who I am.

Opaque  by  andbamnan